About me

I have practiced as a self-employed graphic designer for many years, specialising in historical maps, and infographics for international publishers. I was fortunate to have some free time in 2017, which left me wondering how to fill my days and possibly plan a new career for myself.

I reconnected with my passion for fabrics, threads, and textiles in general. I started by creating appliqué and embroidery designs, but ideas just kept coming faster than I could make them. Hand-embroidery takes a lot of time!

I was looking for other ways to realise my ideas when I discovered card cutting in October 2017, by browsing social media. There is a lot of amazing artists out there, don’t be put off. Tell yourself you are as good as them, just less experienced!
I could at last see a way to realise my visions, but it needed practice, as anything does.

This technique was a revelation and I was hooked. I love the clean, sharp lines and contrasts. However, I had not finished, this badly needed colour in my view. Because of my background with applique and embroidery, using fabrics was almost inevitable. I had stacks of fabulous colourful textiles right next to me! This technique of adding fabrics to the card, softened it all, and gave the image a personality.
Since October 7 2019, I am now a resident of Banks Mill, studio 4.10,  where you can find me working most days. If you would like to visit to have a chat, buy art or print, discuss a commission, please email me: zazalewis44@gmail.com